Investlink Group Pty Ltd seeks to help our clients achieve diversification in their investment portfolio by understanding our client’s attitude to investment risk. We predominantly invest our clients’ monies via Australian managed funds, direct equities and term deposits. Such investments assist our clients in increasing diversification, therefore decreasing financial volatility and risk exposure.

Income producing investments include bank account investments, cash management trust accounts and debentures. It is these investments that provide income and stability to portfolios, but at the same time do not provide any growth.

Capital growth investments such as property and shares provide us with an income and potential growth. Property provide us income in the form of rental income and shares provide us with an income in the form of dividend payments made by a company. Shares and property will have more volatility than cash investments and fixed interest and have historically outperformed these over the long term.

At Investlink Group Pty Ltd we believe that a diversified portfolio remains the best strategy in uncertain times. We do not believe in formulating strategies that are speculative. Instead we focus on the best way to achieve our clients’ investment objectives.

It is important to construct an investment portfolio to align with the income and capital growth you require. We understand the desire for definitive outcomes. Investors should remember that uncertainty has been, and will continue to be a part and parcel of investing. Your goals, timing and your appetite for risk, will determine your choice of investments. We create a realistic financial plan that meets clients’ needs and increases the scope of investment assets. It is important to us that we choose investments tha are in sync and aligned with your plan.

At Investlink Group Pty Ltd we do not have a “set and forget” approach towards financial plans. We regularly monitor and review clients’ portfolios.

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