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Investlink Group has access to all the great products that the big financial institutions offer, without being biased towards any of them.

We see Financial Planning business as a relationship business. We want to be there for you till the end. Our primary goal is to find you the best solution and to help you reach your objectives in the best possible way. We don`t believe in making promises that we can`t keep. Financial Planning is not about earning an extra percent in returns or providing you with the cheapest insurance quote to protect your family, we don`t see that as a solution. We want to be there for your family and you when it really matters, we want to be there for you when the chips are down at the same time enjoy a great relationship with you when the going is good. To be there for you no matter what the situation or circumstances. To make sure you are invested correctly according to your risk appetite, to ensure the insurances are offered to you are correctly structured, to ensure that if something happens to you, we provide guidance to your family or business partner in the most effective way. After all this is the reason why we created this business and we know that there are powerful financial institutions out there, but at Investlink Group, you will always have that personal touch. WE PROMISE.

At Investlink Group our initial meeting focuses on understanding client financial goals and objectives. With current financial market conditions, we understand that managing finance is becoming an increasingly difficult task. In addition, to this many individuals struggle to navigate their way through the vast amount of information that is currently readily available on superannuation, investments and Centrelink changes. Research shows that the benefits of seeing a Financial Adviser include;

  • Improving the way you manage debt
  • An enhanced peace of mind
  • Greater control of finances
  • The prospect of a more comfortable retirement
  • An increased ability to save more.

The costs associated with seeing a Financial Planner will vary from each Financial Planner and organisation. At Investlkink Group we want to ensure that your goals and objectives are going to be realistic for us to achieve. We provide a fee for service structure. That is, invoicing clients depending on the complexity of strategies employed to reach financial goals.

At Investlink Group we pride ourselves on helping our clients fund their hopes and dreams, and most importantly, to protect themselves. We believe that we can make a difference to our clients. Our dealings with our clients are centered around professionalism, honesty and above all integrity. We do not speculate market conditions when investing our clients` hard earned money. We want to ensure that your investments are aligned with your tolerance for risk.

It is true that many of us don`t consider our long-term future. You do not need a lot of money to see a Financial Planner. However, it is important you make the right decisions to prepare a financial plan that puts you in the driver`s seat. At Investlink Group, your age or income, do not matter. We believe that we may be able to help you increase your wealth, save on tax, secure the lifestyle you desire, and ultimately meet and exceed your financial goals.

Ongoing Adviser Service is designed to provide an ongoing professional relationship throughout the year. The benefit of this service is to keep your plan and strategies on track with changing circumstances, legislation and investment markets etc. Regular meetings and contact keep you updated to the plan. We closely align your objectives to the `windows of opportunity` that become available as you reach certain `milestone ages`.

Paying and ongoing adviser fee, really depends on you. Frankly, you don`t have to if you don`t want to. You can have a one-off transaction set-up fee, which means we set the financial structure you are seeking to set up. We however strongly recommend that you do sign up for an ongoing service fee. After all isn`t this your hard-earned money you are looking to invest. Don`t you want a professional to look after your investments and make sure you have that peace of mind that there is someone who is looking at your hard-earned money at all times. Your personal/financial situations are not static and the recommendations implemented need to be reviewed at least on an annual basis to ensure the implemented strategies are still relevant to your circumstances.

A clients risk tolerance is dependent on many factors relating to age, profession as well as partcular circumstances. Some of the questions in our discussion with our clients are based around:

-->How concerned are you about incurring losses to your portfolio?

-->To what extent are you concerned about the capital stability of your investments?

--> How concerned are you about generating income from your portfolio?

--> To what extent would you need assistance in managing your portfolio?

--> How concerned are you about having your portfolio keep pace with inflation?

--> Are you willing to accept a higher risk to acheive potentially higher returns?

--> Preference for generating income, capital growth or both?

Some of the key factors to explain:

Longer time frames are recommended for higher investments so any short-term volitality can be overridden

Growth type investments are generally subject to capital volitality

Low risk investments will generate potentially lower returns which may not keep up with inflation. This means your capital will lose it\'s buying power over time.

Growth type investments generally have associated taxation benbefits which may appeal to high income earners.

Most importantly how much risk a client is willing to bear, comes down to time frame of the investments. If a client requires funds within 1-2 years, then the risk profile may need to be more conservative as volitality can have significant effect on capital value of the portfolio.

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